Sponsor & Exhibitor Prospectus

As a sponsor, you will be recognized as an organization that stays informed on the issues facing academic institutions and topics of interest that will serve as a basis for how your goods and services can be applied to the marketplace

TABLETOP Opportunities: This is a new, value-added opportunity to display products, processes, or procedures to an intimate audience within the Exhibit Hall. Any appropriate, germane information or electronic displays that can fit on a table-top and can be presented in a 25-minute timeframe are permissible. Table-top presentation spaces will be strategically placed within the Exhibit Hall to provide maximum exposure for you and your presentation”

As a new initiative this year, ERAPPA 2024 is offering 25-minute Tabletop presentations to our Business Partners and Vendors. Limited to 4 sessions at a time dispersed throughout the exhibit hall during open hours on Monday, Tabletop presentations are exactly that: presentations that take place on a table using your preferred presentation methods – laptop or monitor display, demonstration, or simply talking to your audience.

What’s included:

  • A standard booth size table with cloth covering
  • Access to power

What do I need to bring?

  • Any presentation materials you deem appropriate (laptop, monitor, presentation boards, tools/equipment)
  • Your expertise, enthusiasm, and vision!

Please note:

  • In order to minimize distraction from our loyal booth exhibitors, no amplified audio or seating will be permitted
  • Please do not bring anything that does not fit on a tabletop
  • In order to accommodate all timeslots, sessions will begin and end promptly. Please be ready to set up and break down efficiently.
  • Tabletops will not be juried, however the content should reflect industry appropriate material and be in keeping with the ERAPPA code of conduct.

How will people know I’m there?

  • The Tabletop presentation schedule will be listed on the website and in the full program and indicated on the schedule at a glance
  • We encourage all presenters to let their clients and colleagues know

How do I reserve my spot?

You can reserve your timeslot when you book your sponsorship and reserve your booth.

Video Vignette Display

A maximum 2-minute video or slide show presentation providing an opportunity to tell the story about your company, products, and services to members of your target audiences on an on-going basis. The Video Vignette displays will be played on a continuous loop on the 48” flat-screen monitors provided throughout the exhibition hall. The Video Vignette displays will be limited to 15 sponsorship opportunities allowing your video to play once every 30 minutes to attract attention to your company. Videos will be played without sound within the exhibition hall and are required to be provided in PowerPoint or video format. Videos will be required to be submitted 30 days in advance of the conference (September 2) to ERAPPA for approval and will arbitrarily be truncated.

Each Zoomed In sponsor will be exclusively associated with one of the opportunities below. Commit early, as these will be assigned on a first-come/first-served basis.

Tradeshow Floor Plan

Sponsorship Grid